Rockabilly Rob.......(Robbie Kemp) started DJing at the age of fifteen years of age, he's first gig was at The Penny Farthing Swanston St.Melbourne, since then he's played at a number of Venues through out Victoria to name a few. 10th Avenue, Bowl Disco,Preston Circle, Lord Johns Canterbury, Swinger plus more. Then teamed up with Ivan Dayman who at the time was the biggest Dance Promoter in Australia, started to tour around Australia for him.Sydney, Brisbane, Adelaide and Tassie.
In 1969 he joined the Australian Army which he then left the Music Scene.
Back in the early 2000's when he was working selling Mobile Phones in Sunbury, when they talked him into doing a program with 3NRG a community radio station in Sunbury.
Were he met up with Rob Hine who at the time was the President of the Rock'n'Roll Apperciation Society got him interested in Rockabilly and has been since then. After 5 years at 3 NRG it was time for a Sea Change and the moved to Moama and joined Echuca Radio EMFM.