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RBR is dedicated to recording and promoting the best in rockabilly and roots music. We take music seriously, but we don't take ourselves all that seriously. We do work long hours, but we're also firm believers in having fun at festivals and wild parties. Rhythm Bomb Records is a small, somewhat mysterious company based in London, UK. We're an independent record label, a music production/promotion company, and we have an own publishing company, Rhythm Bomb Publishing.
The Lincolns are an Adelaide based 4-piece Teddy Boy band who play a mix of High Energy Rock n Roll and Rockabilly classics with their own unique style and sound.
Ezra Lee -High - energy Rock'n'Roll Blues honk tonk country and boogie woogie piano
This outfit consist of lead vocals delivered by the true and vibrant voice of Robyn Howden,Lead guitar played to the max by Steve Perrett, the energy pf Nick Economu on that thumping bass and on the drums hitting those skins to perfection is Liam Webb.
The Strays

3 piece Melbourne Rockabilly / Rock n Roll band. Formed by Guitarist / Front man Dizzy Davidson (Rumblin’ Wolf, Rock’A’dees, Runaway Boys)


Dizzy Davidson – Vocals / Guitar

Kid Hudson – Drums / Vocals

Jake Schembri – Double Bass

The Mighty Kings are a 4 piece Rock/Pop/Rockabilly band from Melbourne taking the scene by storm and eager to offer something different to the music world. With the powerful voice of Rosie The Mighty Kings offer a diversity that keeps the crowd entertained and on their feet.